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The ApeSheet® is run and maintained by Steve Goss and Steve Justice. In addition to a plethora of celebrity columnists, the following scribes have donated their writings to the ApeSheet®.

Paul Acquaro
Will Adam
Jackie Ass
Mike Baker
Ariella Bar-on
Erika Clarke
Jerry Davydov
The Dead President
Jade D'Espoir
Ron Diller
Max Finkle
Gene Fredericks
Ether Fudd
Brian G.
Tammi Gillian
Jeff Geoff
Zoe Glass
Natalie Green
Chuck Harder
Dick Harder
Steve Hofstetter
Amanda Hugankiss
Wendy "Here's Your Fucking Ancient Chinese Secret" Kim
Bill Klein
Katharine Leis
John Lipman
Dave Macaray
Richard Matulat
Blaine Michael
P. Mistyc
Brian Nixon
Charles Oh
Lindsey Olsen
Teddy "Tex" Osner
Shannon Page
Bram R.
Chris Roth
Lord Rutledge
Jennifer Sendax
George C. Simpson
Kevin Singer
Dirk Smile
Eric Stone
Lt. Major Taint
Samantha Waranch
Nathaniel Whitten
Emmanuel Witzman
Louie Ubriaco
Michelle Y.
Mimi Yarninski
W. F. Yung

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